It's actually been over 8 months since I've posted here. It was my intention to post a tutorial during the holidays, but I got to caught up in having a December year-end kind of experience-- and enjoying it-- I didn't get around to it. December became a truly a magical time for me, even though I hate the cold weather; lost both my mother and my brother in the month of December; and have this December lost two people who were dear to me. Yet, December has still proven to be a magical month. It was warm, mystical, thought provoking and joyful. No, not because of any of the things that cause me sleepless nights. But, in spite of them!

I've done some new dolls and will be doing a group show locally. The first one I completed was a moon goddess. And then of course, she had to have a partner--a sun goddess.

Here's the moon. I haven't photographed the sun yet.

This moon goddess is about as mixed media as you can get. All the way down to her chicken wire adorned moon. She really was a lot of fun and went pretty fast. Chicken wire has proved to be a good foundation. You'll see it again after I photograph the sun goddess.

Hope all is well in your world!