I've begun reconstructing this blog.  I've discovered it to be a major effort so I'm doing it in stages.  I think the improvements will help me maintain it with more ease.  Hang in there with me.

Relay for Life...Give Away

This year my fundraising efforts for American Cancer Society, Relay for Life have been going pretty slow.  Poorly, I might add.  I am down to my last few days...about 2 weeks.  So, hopefully I can encourage you to donate to my page by sweetening the pot.  Here's what I'm offering:
  1. For everyone who contributes at least $20 you get the chance of winning one of my handcrafted dolls.  I'll pay the postage and will post the winner here.  You get to select the doll of your choice.  (I may even give away both of these dolls.  The dolls are pictured below.  They're not professional pics but I think they are a fair representation.
  2. For everyone who contributes at least $10 you get a chance to win a package of handcrafted cards.  10 cards with envelopes and I'll pay the postage.  Original photographs and artwork...samples below.
So, all you have to do is go to my Relay for Life page and make a contribution to the American Cancer Society.  On or about June 12th, I will post a picture from the Relay as well as the winners.  I'll send out your "rewards" the following week.  

I hope this encourages you to help me out.  I'd like to reach my goal of $750.  Thanks, folks.

Doll #1...Moon Child

Doll #2...Mermaid  (I'll post better pics of doll #2 My Mermaid in a couple of days when I get a chance to take some pics of her.)

Cards will include the following images:

In order to make a donation just go to my page at American Cancer Society.  Just click on the link below and it will take you there.

Confused... What should I do today?

The problem with enjoying lots of things is that there is not enough time to do all the things you enjoy! And I don't edit very well. I've been working on a "night light" project for over a 6 months!!!!  I'll try to capture some images this week end.  In the meantime here's a second place photograph from contest that I entered:

I've also been working on some cards which I'm pretty pleased with.  Photography and digital manipulation is something that I can do while relaxing in the bed.  A great end of day activity.  It can even be done when I'm not feeling well.


These two are from my Fenix series.  It's been a lot of fun to develop. Primarily because this series allows me to revisit my many joy-full years as mom to an incredible little girl, who now lives in the body of a super woman!

And I'm still confused...  every morning.  What should I do today?

Coming In from the Fog

This morning I was doing some pinning on my Pinterest boards and ended up here. I suppose that's how surfing goes. At least for me anyway.  I was surprised to see all the changes. I haven't posted for quite some time.  Life: mostly physical. AND posting really is a struggle when things don't work well. (or at least as I think they should) This new set up looks promising. I'm going to give it a try and see what happens. I noticed that I've lost some picture and slide links. I'll try to do some patch work.  BTW, I am enjoying Pinterest. It has the feel of a micro-blog. At 500 characters and a picture, you might even be able to call it a mini-blog.

I've even got a board for my art work, and other stuff of course:

Where the Heck have I been and What the Heck Have I Been Doing?

Most days I wonder that my self. My art has been pretty sparse. Well not really, it just has not taken on the form that I want. These days, it is mirroring my life VERY MUCH. Here are some pictures. No order, no explanations:

Today I have a goal in mind. Hopefully, I'll execute it.It so, I'll be so pleased that I'll post it! Hope all is well with you all. CREATE!!!
I'm Back... I Think!

I think that I have found a way to get me back into the "swing of things" (I've always thought that to be a strange phrase, but...). I've entered this Kids Clothes Week challenge over at Elsie Marley's blog. I stumbled upon it yesterday and it looked like fun. It's only for a week and I hope it will jump start my heart. I read this quote by Gwendolyn Brooks: "Art hurts. Art urges voyages—and it is easier to stay at home." It certainly was an aha moment for me. But, I think I'm going to try to board this ship again. Small, short, lazy day trips... yea that's what I'm gonna do. Stay tuned.

And, on a lighter note...

I was in Newark on Thursday for the dedication of Newark Eagle Parkway. It was GREAT!! I'm going to post pictures. Check them out at Conversations With... Pop Lloyd Weekend is in two weeks and I am totally anxiety ridden. I thought it was next month. You know, like in 30 days. If you're unfamiliar you can check out my archives.

As a way of updating, the last 6 months through my eyes...


It's actually been over 8 months since I've posted here. It was my intention to post a tutorial during the holidays, but I got to caught up in having a December year-end kind of experience-- and enjoying it-- I didn't get around to it. December became a truly a magical time for me, even though I hate the cold weather; lost both my mother and my brother in the month of December; and have this December lost two people who were dear to me. Yet, December has still proven to be a magical month. It was warm, mystical, thought provoking and joyful. No, not because of any of the things that cause me sleepless nights. But, in spite of them!

I've done some new dolls and will be doing a group show locally. The first one I completed was a moon goddess. And then of course, she had to have a partner--a sun goddess.

Here's the moon. I haven't photographed the sun yet.

This moon goddess is about as mixed media as you can get. All the way down to her chicken wire adorned moon. She really was a lot of fun and went pretty fast. Chicken wire has proved to be a good foundation. You'll see it again after I photograph the sun goddess.

Hope all is well in your world!

If Anyone has Any Doubt that It's Spring

There are those who think that the last couple of days here on the east coast were a mere anomaly, a fluke. Well all I have to say is that you should come to my back yard. Last week rains served to provide my bulbs with a much needed drink of water.

And these April showers are indeed producing the most gorgeous May flowers.

I also suspect that the predicted rains of next week will do the same for the seed I hope to get in the ground tomorrow!

There is another reason that I know we have turned the corner. The resident papa goldfinch have put on there golden yellow coats and are devouring the Niger seed. And the robins and cardinals have been very busy gathering twigs to build their nests.

Also, I received a question about what kind of camera I used. It's a digital. Canon S3IS. It's a 35mm, auto focus with manual override. I LOVE IT!!!

I've also started on a new doll and have been working on children and adult "Retread Threads". More about that another time. I've been experimenting with armatures and my impatience is getting the best of me. I took some pictures to post and will definitely get to it this week. Wednesday is Opera day(last for this season). But other than that I should be able to squeeze out a post or two. Happy Spring.