Relay for Life Giveaway

Since first posting this giveaway my fundraising efforts have increased.  Thank You.   I am down to my last few days.  We begin walking on Friday evening.
Although I have reached my initial goal, my friendly competition with my daughter leaves me still far beyond her.  Hopefully, you'll continue to see this as a valuable giveaway and help me move ahead of her.  (Though this isn't a competition)

For everyone who contributes at least $20 you get the chance of winning one of my handcrafted dolls.  I'll pay the postage and will post the winner here.  You get to select the doll of your choice.  (I may even give away both of these dolls.  The dolls are pictured below.  They're not professional pics but I think they are a fair representation

For everyone who contributes at least $10 you get a chance to win a package of handcrafted cards.  10 cards with envelopes and I'll pay the postage.  Original photographs and artwork...samples below.

So, all you have to do is go to my Relay for Life page and make a contribution to the American Cancer Society.  On or about June 12th, I will post a picture from the Relay and the name of the winners.  I'll send out your "rewards" the following week.

Click here for my Relay for Life page to donate.

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