My Dolls

Each of a my one of a kind(OOAK) dolls has a story that began with a song, a thought and sometimes a prayer. I enjoy creating images that help tell their stories.  I then use those images on greeting cards and posters.

Gayle in the Gap
I have a friend, Gayle, who used to be a dancer. She still dances. 
Only now not everyone can hear the music that accompanies 
her dance. Gayle dances for those who cannot dance anymore. 
Their bodies have become too fraile, weak, and broken. 
Their ears don't yet hear the sounds of the sweet melody that 
surrounds them. And so she dances, for them, in the gap.  
In one hand she cradles the spirit self. Ever so gently she balances
 herself on one foot supported only by a feather from an angels 
wings (Angels wings are perfect for these tasks).  
And when the spirit self is ready, and she knows when it's ready.  
She pulls back her hands and lets it take flight.

The Spirit of the Ginkgo

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