Confused... What should I do today?

The problem with enjoying lots of things is that there is not enough time to do all the things you enjoy! And I don't edit very well. I've been working on a "night light" project for over a 6 months!!!!  I'll try to capture some images this week end.  In the meantime here's a second place photograph from contest that I entered:

I've also been working on some cards which I'm pretty pleased with.  Photography and digital manipulation is something that I can do while relaxing in the bed.  A great end of day activity.  It can even be done when I'm not feeling well.


These two are from my Fenix series.  It's been a lot of fun to develop. Primarily because this series allows me to revisit my many joy-full years as mom to an incredible little girl, who now lives in the body of a super woman!

And I'm still confused...  every morning.  What should I do today?

Coming In from the Fog

This morning I was doing some pinning on my Pinterest boards and ended up here. I suppose that's how surfing goes. At least for me anyway.  I was surprised to see all the changes. I haven't posted for quite some time.  Life: mostly physical. AND posting really is a struggle when things don't work well. (or at least as I think they should) This new set up looks promising. I'm going to give it a try and see what happens. I noticed that I've lost some picture and slide links. I'll try to do some patch work.  BTW, I am enjoying Pinterest. It has the feel of a micro-blog. At 500 characters and a picture, you might even be able to call it a mini-blog.

I've even got a board for my art work, and other stuff of course:

Where the Heck have I been and What the Heck Have I Been Doing?

Most days I wonder that my self. My art has been pretty sparse. Well not really, it just has not taken on the form that I want. These days, it is mirroring my life VERY MUCH. Here are some pictures. No order, no explanations:

Today I have a goal in mind. Hopefully, I'll execute it.It so, I'll be so pleased that I'll post it! Hope all is well with you all. CREATE!!!