If Anyone has Any Doubt that It's Spring

There are those who think that the last couple of days here on the east coast were a mere anomaly, a fluke. Well all I have to say is that you should come to my back yard. Last week rains served to provide my bulbs with a much needed drink of water.

And these April showers are indeed producing the most gorgeous May flowers.

I also suspect that the predicted rains of next week will do the same for the seed I hope to get in the ground tomorrow!

There is another reason that I know we have turned the corner. The resident papa goldfinch have put on there golden yellow coats and are devouring the Niger seed. And the robins and cardinals have been very busy gathering twigs to build their nests.

Also, I received a question about what kind of camera I used. It's a digital. Canon S3IS. It's a 35mm, auto focus with manual override. I LOVE IT!!!

I've also started on a new doll and have been working on children and adult "Retread Threads". More about that another time. I've been experimenting with armatures and my impatience is getting the best of me. I took some pictures to post and will definitely get to it this week. Wednesday is Opera day(last for this season). But other than that I should be able to squeeze out a post or two. Happy Spring.

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