Sherry Goshon's Roxanne... My Roxy

Back of Roxy's Boots

Front of Roxy's Boot

Well today I worked on my doll for Sherry Goshon's Roxanne Class. What a struggle. I had selected several colors and textures of ribbon for her legs and arms, however, she was having none of it. So I decided that I would rip up some muslim and scrim. Then I decided to dye it and use it to wrap, rather then the ribbon. I worked and felt right for my Roxy. If you remember the boots that I was working on, they are now painted and partially laced. I'm really liking them. Unfortunately, you can't see the way the Pearl Ex shimmers. i used the patina green and the pink. Although I painted the corset and torso with a gold metallic and added some of the pink pearl ex, I'm not sure that it still doesn't need some work. We'll see tomorrow, with new eyes. I still have quite a way to go. The fabric that I selected will not work now and so I will either have to dye something or find something else.

The heat from the mid west is supposed to be heading this way and so I may not get much done tomorrow. I am planning on starting early so the clay will cooperate. I'm really looking forward to her being. It has really be a joy watching her become. I also need to get back to my daughter's collage. Well, we can't rush these things. Hope you are all enjoying your summer and aren't to terribly uncomfortable.


  1. She's looking great so far, Belinda! I love her boots and corset, but I'm anxious to see the rest of her, too!

  2. Great job Belinda! Looking forward to seeing how your progress you are way ahead of me.