Welcome to my blog. I think that it will probably be a lot like me... Broadly focused (hmmm). Some would label me scattered, undisciplined and unorganized. But, really I'm just interested in A LOT of different things and everything. I love and read quite a few blogs. They run the gamut from art, to social issues, to politics. I read everything from Pioneer Women's Adventures (love her kids and Malborough Man,) to Sisters of the Traveling Cramps (We never would never speak of such things in in my day!); to Jean Bernard, Sherry Goshon (Inner Child) and Sprites wonderful artistic creations. I'll point out some from time to time. So if you're interested in seeing what I'm up to from time to time stop on by.

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  1. This site is like a walk in the park after it rains so lightly and feeling the dampness in the air with the marvelous aroma of wet dirt...it's soothing and therapeutic...and memorable.

    Thank YOU...