My Garden

I never noticed how quickly my garden changes until this year. I've almost missed capturing photographs of some of my favorite flowers. They have really come and gone so quickly. It seems like in years gone by I could enjoy them much longer. Maybe I'm just moving a little slower. My daughter bought me this awesome camera last year. I love it. It's really become an extension of my eyes as well as my memory. Take a look. at these, aren't they beautiful. Later, I'll show what I do with them!

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  1. I always seem to miss the trees changing from winter to spring. It's like they go from bare to blossom, which I notice. But somehow, shortly after that, they are suddenly obliterated by lush green foliage. I always wonder how it is that I miss those great green leaves coming in.

    This year, I was determined to notice--and I did! It was really quite amazing. I was driving down a highway lined with trees when I noticed that, while they still held their winter form--where you can see every branch and admire their delicate brown lace against the pale blue sky, they were now covered with a veil of green. It looked like God had dropped down some green netting on them--little leaf buds on every branch waiting to spring forth into leaves. Just incredible.