Today was a PhotoShop Kinda Day!

Remember the photos of my garden beauties from the other day? Well today I did some playing around in PhotoShop Elements. And this is what I got. I think that I am going to make some cards from them. Or something. Maybe with some of my dolls...

I couldn't afford Photoshop, but found that I could still have fun with Elements. Layers still works as well as many other features, and it's less then half the price!


  1. Interesting art work! You are still up to new things. Glad to hear your latest - and thanks for the notice re your blog.
    Brenda Kaulback

  2. Love your photos. I think they would make great cards. Sandi Howell

  3. Aunt "Juice"
    Loving to see you doing work in Photoshop. Can't wait to see more.