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As some of you may know, I've been reading and reviewing books for 2008 Myers Center Book Awards. What a joy, pleasure and honor. I wish that I could have made more of contribution. I read juvenile literature, below are the titles that I had the pleasure of reading. As you think about holiday gifts for youngsters in your life, consider any of the titles below. Anyone of them will enrich their lives by challenging their thinking.
I know that it becomes increasing more difficult to get our children to sit still for more then 5 minutes without something in front of them that moves or provides audio visual stimulation. Heck, it's hard for us adults. So how about making this something that is done together. Try reading alternate chapters to one another. Believe me, there are enough "What do you think?" conversations in any one of these gems. Make sure that you check grade levels for suitability.
No, the gift of a book will not initially make you the favorite aunt, uncle, grandma, granddad. But if you have them bring those books for their overnights or holiday visits with you. Reading them together, and making meaning of the stories will helps to create unique memories that will last a lifetime. You are also helping them to develop a life skill that they need to survive.

"From kindergarten until third grade children learn to read;
and for the rest of their lives they will read to learn."

Here's Another Gift Idea

2008 Sheroes
Womyns Warriors Wall Calendar

"Three hundred and ninety six images and bio-sketches of women (it's a 13 month calendar) who resisted the pressure to 'go along to get along.' Who made a difference.

Why the different spelling "sheroes" and "womyn"? To signal that women take action, says Loretta J. Williams, Myers Center director, and that women are not a subset of men to be measured only by their attractiveness to men. There's a spectrum of strategies and tactics used by the various women in the calendar.

Do you recognize the seven sheroes on the cover? From left to right: Egyptian, Tanzanian, Japanese, Okanogan, Menominee, U.S. southerner, South African - resilient womyn! Huda Sha'rawi, Siti binti Saad, Yosano Akiko, Morning Dove, Ingrid Washinatowak el-Issa, Anne Braden, Ellen Kuzwayo. Look inside the calendar, and you learn more about each, and about many, many others.

The calendar speaks to achievements, and to the cost that many paid for their efforts. It honors sheroes from all continents and ages who have challenged exploitation in their people, communities and societies. No one need agree with each and every strategy and tactic used by each audacious woman. Each woman's story, however, offers insights for reflection.

The Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights, an independent national center (, is now selling this popular education resource portraying a bevy of women, one for each day of the month, who took risks for greater than their own private purpose. The 2007 calendar, proceeds of each calendar sale go to carry on the work of the Myers Center, has been used in classrooms for writing and research assignments, been read daily over the airways (Atlanta's WRFG 88.93, for example), discussed weekly in human services support groups, and much more.

Women's agency - women's power - as Sonia Sanchez says: "[A]s necessary as water… sweet as rain --- Smile rivers!"

We welcome suggestions on womyn rebels who should be included in the 2009 calendar. Email us at

Thanks - for in the struggle for justice is the hope!"

You can purchase your calendar by clicking here.

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  1. I'm lucky my grandkids love to get books. When summer starts we take them to the bookstore and let them buy about 10 books each. They love it more than the toy store.
    How cool to get to review them. And the calander looks very interesting.