I've been trying to finish these dolls from an earlier post this month. Finding the right hair has been my most challenging task. Fatima ( the one in fire colors) ended up with child. I don't know if you can tell that from the picture. The other two don't have names yet, so if anything comes up for you as you look at them, please let me know. I got a great deal of joy out when I figured out how to make the wreath. Blogger hasn't been letting me upload pictures so I had to do these slide shows. When I figure out how to get around this problem, I'll show you how I did it. I am still working on a gourd purse from Sherry Goshon's class at Lisa Heaven's. It REALLY got put on the back burner.

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The FIELD Museum, Red Bull and Philadelphia

While surfing this month a found a site that announced winners of a Red Bull Art Competition. Artist were challenged to make art using Red Bull cans. Entries were on display in Chicago and Philadelphia. DH and I went to the Philadelphia show at the FIELD Museum. The Building is a magnificent old band building. Unfortunately for me the elevator was not working. That means that I only had access to the first floor. The issue of access is one that I face more and more as I try to negotiate the world differently. Sometimes it really bottoms me out. I hate that it has become a question that I have to always ask. I hate that there are those who have always had to ask it. When I was told that the elevator wasn't working, I put on my happy face and "sucked it up". What I really wanted to do was scream at the to of my lungs "I WANT TO SEE WHAT'S UPSTAIRS TOO!!!".
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When we left the museum I walked 4 blocks to the car... The Betsy Ross House was next to the museum and there were some absolutely marvelous buildings in those four blocks. We stopped and had a great lunch. Philadelphia is really a beautiful city. Take a look.
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There was this one poster on the walls that I saw in several locations. It appeared to be really radical. It's the green and white one in the photos. I finally found one that had a logo on it. It was a Mountain Dew ad!

The Wonderful Smells of Fall & Channeling Dorothy

Going to visit Alex and the kids, we have had the pleasure of taking in some and colorful sites. The local farm markets are harvesting gourds and pumpkins, and corn stalks are bundled for Halloween decorations. When the sun is shining they seem even more brilliant. I think that fall has a smell. It's like nutmeg and
cinnamon. It's a smell that you can smell even if there's none around. The autumn colors are the key. It's like Winesap apples. My husband loves Winesap apples. He waits all year for them. And it also has a feel to it. Autumn feels like flannel pajamas, soft and warm. It's that preparation time.

I think that I really got caught up in the spirit of the autumn this year. Could be channeling my mother (Dorothy).
She LOVED Halloween. Decorating, making treats,kids at the door--definitely her thing. Even when she had forgotten... these kinds of things she remembered.

Restaurant Week in South Jersey

Last month, Hot Chefs of South Jersey sponsored Restaurant Week in South Jersey. All I can say is YUMmmmmmmm! If you are in the area, and you missed this one, don't miss the next. The next one is in March. You can find out more information by clicking on one of the links above.

The Hot Chefs web site is worth a visit no matter who your are, or where you live. Hot Chefs is an association of local chefs and restaurant owners. Here's a excerpt from their website. They speak better for themselves then I ever could.

"We are locally owned, independent restaurants that are chef driven by passionate culinary professionals dedicated to providing great food and great service. In almost all cases, you will find an owner present during your visit. We live here, and we are tied to our communities, and not to the shareholders of distant corporations located thousands of miles away. If you appreciate uniqueness and authenticity, you have to be concerned with the emerging picture that is making America one gigantic mall with all the predictable players. Big business just keeps getting bigger and the concept of originality continues to disappear. Our local coffee shops are now called Starbucks; our local sporting goods stores are now called Sports Authority; our hardware stores are Home Depots. Our drug stores have been replaced by the initials "CVS" and our local banks keep changing their names on an almost monthly basis. Restaurant chains are everywhere, and they have threatened the future of independent restaurants. Thankfully, there is still a significant segment of the American public that appreciates what we do and understands the concept of expertly prepared, fresh food. We view dining out as an adventure and a unique and pleasurable experience. We urge you to try our restaurants and hopefully spread the good word. South Jersey has arrived, and you don't have to travel over bridges to have a great meal. We're right here in your own backyard, and please be sure that we appreciate your support."

We made our reservations, and headed for the Emerald Fish. Big Fun!! Even Alex enjoyed his night out (past bedtime). Four Courses for $30. Don't miss March.

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