Today was a PhotoShop Kinda Day!

Remember the photos of my garden beauties from the other day? Well today I did some playing around in PhotoShop Elements. And this is what I got. I think that I am going to make some cards from them. Or something. Maybe with some of my dolls...

I couldn't afford Photoshop, but found that I could still have fun with Elements. Layers still works as well as many other features, and it's less then half the price!

My Dolls- Another Side of Me - June 5, 2007

Today I decided to post some pictures of my dolls. These are some of the first dolls. They are clay and cloth, and made after being a part of Barbara Kobe's Healing Doll Project and reading Susan Oroyan's three books on constructing and costuming dolls. Doll making has become real release for me. It's a real peaceful time. It's just me and the doll that is trying to come into being. When I don't struggle with it, it comes easily. But, when I question the outcome (which I often do), and my ability to translate what it is that I am feeling into form (something else I often do), then it is a struggle. These came easily. i like to photograph them in my garden, among my garden beauties.

On another note, I spent a great deal of time last night reading through the most amazing blog, by the most amazing artist. The artist is Forest Rogers and the web site is It's worth a go see. So go see.

Garden Beauties

My Garden

I never noticed how quickly my garden changes until this year. I've almost missed capturing photographs of some of my favorite flowers. They have really come and gone so quickly. It seems like in years gone by I could enjoy them much longer. Maybe I'm just moving a little slower. My daughter bought me this awesome camera last year. I love it. It's really become an extension of my eyes as well as my memory. Take a look. at these, aren't they beautiful. Later, I'll show what I do with them!