New Dolls!!

Well, I've taken a challenge and will actually be selling some of my dolls for the holidays. I've been working pretty hard and am just a wee bit nervous. Please have a look see and let me know what you think. I'll try to post some more as I complete them. I'd really appreciate your thoughts:

This is... Elfin

He's a goodies snatcher. You have to constantly check his hands for snacks. He has really been fun to work on. He's a one of a kind sculpted guy (head hands and feet). I just love his toes. His body is soft wrapped with a wire armature so he can be positioned.

He's done except for some finishing stuff. He's been begging for a hat.
I need to work on it!

Would you like to Swing on a Star?

Another OOAK sculpted face , soft cloth body, hands and feet, and a wire armature. I just finished working on the star that she will be swinging from.

One Cold and Snowy Winter Night, Dianna...

This is actually a night light which I made from a lantern that I found. My wonderful husband took care of the hardware construction. It was challenging, but he got the job done. The light is an led which is in her body. There is a scene constructed in the bottom and I cut blue glass for the windows.

This is how the bottom looks with the light on and the door closed.

This is how it looks with the door open.

There is large glitter. Rox stuff on the back windows. A Tree made of air dry clay and lots more snow.

I think you can see where the night light is in this shot. It's actually embedded in her body at the top of her in her skirt.


  1. Gorgeous dolls. I have started a fairy but need to work on her clothes. Are you using doll's eyes or polymer? they are striking and i thought about trying to find eyes but haven't got that far yet.
    if so, where did you get the eyes? online?

  2. Beautiful. Found your site from Pinterest.

  3. Beautiful. Found your site from Pinterest.

    1. Thanks! As you can see, I'm pretty inconsistent. I become distracted quite easily. My husband says it's part of my charm. I'm not so sure what it is but at times it is truly annoying! Thank you for looking and for your comments.