It's time to dance at the Bloglandia Ball

The MOON is really putting on a show tonight
So that we can dance at the Bloglandia Ball...

And if we can't dance...
At least we can we sleep.

After waiting all this time for the Ball, here I sit at home with a migraine. Just my luck. And I even cleaned the house, rented a limo and practiced dancing. My dress was ready and I had found just the right shoes. Maybe I'll have enough energy to at least go over and peek through the window. The moon, the moon, the moon has come to soothe me. I'll sleep well tonight. Thank you.


  1. hi Belinda - we are coming - you just rest doll - but while you sleep - we want a little peek at this beauty you have shared with us...

    xox - eb.

  2. oh belinda...i had a pill for that...i suffer from them too...but i am dancing with you anyway...and the dress is to die for...sleep well...we miss you...glad to meet you today...blessings, rebecca

  3. I love your dress, it'll keep til the headache is gone, and there'll probably still be a few dancing. Hope you're feeling better!

  4. Your dress is stunning. So sorry that you're not feeling up to par, but I'm glad the moon has come to soothe you. Also love this music! Sleep well and feel better!

  5. Dear Belinda, your dress is gjust orgeous, so you just rest your pretty head, for behind closed eyes and deep rest is the joy for you to dance with us all this full moon eve, for there is no time in bloglandia... everything here... is possible!

  6. Sorry to hear of your headache. Your dress is beautiful. I'll have a drink and an extra dance on your behalf.
    Be well.

  7. maybe you would feel better
    if you had some of the tasty treats
    that jack and leslie brought...

    plus, someone brought do-nuts
    and those always make me feel better.


    if you sleep now
    and wake up very very early
    in the morning
    we will--most likely-still be dancing...
    come on over
    in that stunning white gown.

  8. Thanks for coming by to visit my blog! You dance divinely even if you are a bit under the weather!
    You must show us some of your dolls...or maybe I just haven't found those posts! i"ll check again!

  9. You look fabulous in your gown, your head must be feeling much better.
    Lets go dance! Bring your husband too!


  10. Hi Mr & Mrs Manning:
    Sorry to hear about your migraine : (
    I love your gown for the ball; but I bet if you awaken in the morning refreshed there will still be some ladies frolicking around to the music so you & Husband can dance a waltz or 2 : ) I love your dolls hair but I love yours!!!
    Get rest & feel better

  11. Here is some nettle tea for your headache and rose petals to put on your eyes....

    But ....I'm sure I saw you twirling away in that beautiful dress!!

  12. Well, your dress is very sexy! You look good despite your headache! Feel better soon!

  13. Oh no! Not a migraine the night of the ball! Tell me you are ready to swirl and twirl the night away... your gown is divine and needs to be seen!

  14. I'll tiptoe very quietly so as not to disturb you - but I must have a look at this gorgeous creation - so lovely! oops,sorry about that exclamation point - I'll let myself out quietly...
    Hope you feel better soon~

  15. Magic! And the music is lovely too!
    Sandra Evertson

  16. Divine gown, so chic, you are stunning in it. Dance and twirl, no time to sleep, you have friends to meet and greet.

    Carol M

  17. Love your beautiful lacey dress.So glad you made it for the dance. The moon is so beautiful isn't Thanks for sharing Pinkie

  18. oh NOOOOOOOO! and here i was thinking that such an amazingly glorious dress would surely cure *whatever* was ailing one?! i think the moon was just jealous that your dress would outshine him!

  19. What a gorgeous dress!!! I hope you're feeling better! :)

  20. Pretty and oh so slinky. You truly shone like a bright star and full moon combined.

  21. hi belinda!!!! thank you for the dance last night right before you had to run to bed. it is truly my pleasure to meet you.

    and your dress is fabulous! i absolutely love it!
    P.s. please send an email to, i want your email address.

  22. don't mind about the head ache belinda, we'll take care of it ;)) and have some fun and soft dreaming together.