New Dolls and A Mermaid almost done

Well, this girl is basically finished. She does need some sort of large shell or even an iceberg from which she can emerge. There are some things about her that I'm not quite settled about yet. Can't put my fingers on it. But when I do I'll feel a lot better about her. The blues have been quite difficult to work... together. I also never was able to find the hair that I wanted.. needed so we settled. One thing that I LOVE is how she sparkles.

Speaking of Sparkles, this little cutie sure does. Believe it or not the fabric came first. Found it in a new shop when I was looking for something else. (Isn't that always the way.) I'm still trying to remember what I was looking for. This was so lushes, I had to have a little bit. So we've been working together--to work it out. She is one that requires sunny days.

I got to try out some new tools. I used a textile tool to burn around the embroidery in the fabric to use for her clothing. I started off with scissors but they weren't as effective. I like tools anyway. This one has an xacto knife you can attach to the end. It gets awfully hot though. Guess how I know that? I'll post a picture so you can see it tomorrow.

And this is Fatima. Her story is still unfolding, but I know that it is about her feet. The miles that they have walked and how they have support her. So I'm paying a lot of attention to them. I had thought about making her a pretty pair of sandals. We shall see. Anyway it's real late now. I need to think about, thinking about sleep. It's been a challenging day.

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