Amamee Scott-Stephan: My Hero

My daughters are amazing women and they all have such amazing friends. They make me want to jump up and down and cheer for today's young adults. It makes me ashamed that we didn't/couldn't have done more so that they would have to do much less. I am proud and in awe as they articulate their beliefs and stand up for causes that effect us all.

I find strength knowing that they have the capacity and integrity to make this world a better place. I am inspired by how their morality guides their actions and their intentional use of their intellect and creativity. My daughter's friend Amanee has committed to walk in the Philadelphia 3 day walk for the cure. I have family and friends who have been impacted by this devastating disease and so I am touched by it it in a very personal way. I think this is an important issue facing all women. I have three daughters and am not naive enough think they are immune from this disease, but that is not the only reason I am supporting Amanee.

I am supporting Amanee because I know there are at least a million other things that this young women could be doing next week end. I am supporting Amanee because there are a million other things she could have been doing all of the evenings and days that she spent raising the $2200 that she raised. I am supporting Amanee because she asked for me to help her, and I am honored that she thought enough of me to think that I would. The walk in Philadelphia begins on Friday, October 5 and ends in Philadelphia on October 7. Even if no one asked you, I'm sure that is someone who could use your help, so I'm asking you to reach out. You can even help this cause without contributing a dime. Just click right here

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