Natures Own Way...

My Organizing...

We didn't "dead head" our cone flowers this year we just let them have there way, and go to seed. The joy of unintended consequences was watching what happens in nature when you let it... You get to watch the goldfinch ignore your bird feeders for more tasty treats.

And you get to watch the elders teach the younger goldfinch how to extract the delicious seeds from the cones. (Much tastier I suppose then the store bought Niger).

And if you're real lucky... You'll get to see the elder birds feed the young. It just doesn't get a whole lot better then this.

But what really amazes me is how they balance themselves on these flowers. AND the whole while these flowers don't move. These guys must be as light as air.

And can you believe this hold out. I thought that all the Passion Flowers were done. But there she was, and this picture doesn't do her justice!

And there's a lot going on in my studio too. For my b-day this year I got new cabinets. We went to IKEA and picked them out. We even bought them home that day. I really needed them and was so glad to get them. Did I say that my b-day was in March? Can't rush into these things you know. I hated to stop working in my studio to give my darling hubby a chance to put them up. Plus I had to move stuff around and all. It just really meant doing a lot of reorganizing... Maybe more appropriately reorganizing. Well, they're up now and I've started organizing. I'm sooooo proud of myself.

I must, however, admit that I have quite a ways to go...

But oh when I finish, it's going to be GREAT!!! At least for a little while!

But you gotta check out these two cuties.

Notice the deer in the headlights look.

Well the conversation went something like this.

Melinda: "Wow, Dad can you really take pictures with the computer?"

: "Oh yea. It has this software here. I'm not really sure how it works."

: (As she walks over to join her father) "Well let's see."

: "Well this is the software, so maybe if we just do..."

Melinda & Dad: "Oh Wow!"

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