Jackie Jolles... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Documenting the Negro Leagues in Portraits

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending time with an incredibly talented portrait artist. She asked me to sit for her. Geez. Anyway, it provided me with the opportunity to share a morning with her just talking and sitting. The portrait process is fascinating to me in that way.

Jackie Jolles is her name. She asked me to sit because she is actually documenting the Negro Leagues in portrait. If you read my previous postings, then you know my father played in the Negro Leagues. And guess what... I have my father's face!

This portrait is of Geraldine Day, wife of Hall of Fame, pitcher Leon Day. What I like most about this portrait, is that it truly captures her. Not just her image, but her essence. It is so incredibly strong. The other portraits are equally as powerful. Jackie has done some incredible work here and I hope that some of you will be fortunate enough to see it. Maybe she will share some of HERstory with you. I was fortunate enough to hear some of it. I hope one day that you will be as fortunate.

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