What a Week!!

Last week was a pretty special one for me and the wonderful one (my husband David). Alexander, grandchild #3 turned 1, Imani, grandchild #1 had her Bat Mitzvah and Fenix, daughter #3 adopted a wonderful puppy through PetSmart's Adoption Program named Maggie. I am exhausted! AND, I am still feeling an overwhelming sense of joy (in spite of the fact that Fenix is now having car problems (Yet another test of her resolve...and mine). We now have 2 PetSmart adoptees in the family. That's another story for another time. Anyway, I'm posting pictures of Imani's Bat Mitzvah tonight so that I can post Alexander's Birthday tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get some of Maggie so that you can see her also. I had fun editing the pics of the Bat Mitzvah. It took me most of the day and I was able to relive the experience. What fun we all had. I did not caption any of the pictures. I will do that later, but for now you will have to just enjoy their beauty. I stand in awe of the unique way each one of our children has found their spiritual path, their way to God. I am so very fortunate to be able to experience him/her through each of them.

One of the gifts that Imani received was an incredible work of art that she can wear around her neck. I was moved by the thoughtfulness and incredible talent of this incredible artist, Josh Edelsteine. See for yourself. Here is a picture of the artist and the pendant.

This is how Josh Edelstein describes this piece of art.
For the occasion of the bat mitzvah of my friend Laura's daughter Imani, I thought "I'd design something special. Imani and I are pretty good friends as well, by which I mean that we tease each other mercilessly. Her Hebrew name is אמונה (Emunah) which means "faith"--exactly the same thing that her given name means in Swahili. I decided that I'd combine the two cultures whence come her names into one piece of jewelry.

Swahili has no written language; it’s represented today by the same Latin letters we use in English--so I wasn't going to be using two languages in the design. However, among the Adinkra symbols of West Africa (where Swahili is spoken) is a symbol called the "Nyame Nti" that represents faith. I've shown that symbol here with the negative space of the two sterling silver halves of this star. The tree-like design is also appropriate to the occasion because our synagogue's name, Etz Hayim, means "Tree of Life." Her name in Hebrew, done in 18K yellow gold, is the only thing holding the two halves of the star together, showing how faith can be what keeps us together in trying times as well as how important her presence can be to the growth of Etz Hayim."

You really should follow this link to Josh's Web Site, there you will find some of his other wonderful work. I would call it eye candy but it is so much more. It is both food for the heart and soul because it comes from such a strong deep place within him.

After the wonderful service at the Synagogue we all shared in a wonderful and festive feast. Traditional folk dancing, and some very non-traditional games. As you can see from the photos, WE HAD A BLAST! And, Imani, well she was beautiful and charming and we all got to be warmed by her glow.

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  1. Belinda,

    what a wonderblessing you have there and I checked out Josh;s website. his work is beautiful! It is so nice to see a pic of youa nd David on teh website!