Paper Dolls & PhotoShop

I have continued making paper dolls. I really enjoy the and I'm feeling more comfortable working with the thicker board. Cutting through the board with an utility knife can be pretty scary sometimes. Trying to get the shape you want makes it even more difficult. I've added another tool to help make it easier. It's an heated knife! It moves through the board nice and easy!

And, I've finished up some PhotoShop Projects. I don't quite know what I'm going to do with them, but I like them.

These are my nephews. Aren't they gorgeous. The images of them are from a trip to Jamaica. I think that children make the best subjects. Especially when they aren't aware that they are. I printed and framed this one for my daughter. The room that this went in is a chocolate color.

This is called "Lucy in the Sky". My grandmother's name is/was Lucy. That's here up there. As I looked at this in the preview, it looks like it needs more work. We'll see how it prints. What do you think? It's amazing how long these things take. Maybe this isn't finished.

These are two more pieces that I did with my gorgeous nephews. I have to pull out the original photos. All these wew from our trip to Jamaica. The Doctor Bird would perch in the tree outside our porch every morning. By the way the trip was for my sister's wedding.

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